Are We a Match?

If you answer YES to most of the following questions, you and Manzanita Village just might be a good fit.

  1. Do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbors as friends and lending them a hand when they could use some support?
  2. Do you like the idea of community dinners (weekly or more often) and would you like to take your turn assisting in the preparation or cleanup of such meals?
  3. Would you be willing to contribute some of your time and talents serving on committees involved in making community decisions and in implementing those decisions?
  4. Would you enjoy participating in periodic community workdays in order to keep our common areas and Common House looking tidy and attractive?
  5. Are you comfortable with the idea of paying monthly dues toward making your neighborhood into a great community?
  6. If you have a dog or a cat, do you consider yourself to be a responsible pet owner?
  7. Would you (occasionally) enjoy caring for a neighbor’s reasonably well-mannered pet?
  8. If you experienced conflict with one of your neighbors, would you work constructively to resolve the issue?
  9. Do you like to interact with people younger than you (including children) and people older than you?
  10. Are you willing to forego a garage attached to your house, walking instead from a peripheral parking area, in order to have a pedestrian-oriented environment around your home?
  11. Would you enjoy chatting with your neighbors along Jacob Lane, our pedestrian walkway?
  12. Are you comfortable sharing tools and outdoor equipment with your neighbors instead of owning everything yourself?
  13. When you see a problem in your neighborhood, do you think, “How can I solve the problem?”
  14. Are you comfortable with houses clustered together, in order to protect more community open space?
  15. Might you enjoy working in a community garden or on landscaping projects in common areas?
  16. Might you enjoy celebrating holidays with your neighbors?
  17. Do you want to be part of a community dedicated to reducing its environmental impact?
  18. Do you like the idea of occasionally hiking, camping, or biking with your neighbors?
  19. Do you enjoy organizing such activities?
  20. Are you looking for a community rather than a dream house?